Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the gifili - Part 2

My sexual encounter with the crew on our fishing trip helped forge a deep bond between the two of us. I will call him Ahmed for convenience.

The next day when I visited him at his home, he and the captain were taking the day off.

It seemed they were great friends and the captain was helping out Ahmed in some renovation works on Ahmed's house.

It was a sexual incident that happened between us later that day that I realized that Ahmed and the captain were part of what I call the "old Maldivian mentality."

After the work was over, when we were all sweaty (I helped out too!) and when it was time to shower I found out that Ahmed and this captain dude (let's call him Mohamed) are part of a generation who take public showers together among members of the same sex.

In our case I wasn't sure at first what to expect because I saw Ahmed going into the open-air toilet or gifili in his compound and then just as soon Mohamed going into the shower after him. During the few seconds that Mohamed had the door open, I saw a glimpse of a totally naked Ahmed pouring water over himself with a dhaani.

I then realized that this was a public shower like the old times and that I would get the maximum out of this shower if I quickly joined it too.

When I entered I saw both men totally naked and taking turns with the dhaani.

"Aadhey, aadhey (Come, come)," Ahmed called to me as soon as he saw me, then adding "Varah finyey fen", meaning that "the water is very cool."

He said it so casually that all my discomfort vanished away immediately.

I was now curious and excited.

I took off my shirt, then pants and then boxers and walked naked to the well.

I took position between Ahmed and Mohamed, with Mohamed on my left.

We talked small talk while taking turns with the dhaani when suddenly Ahmed says: "Hey Azey, doesn't Mohamed have a gaddaa lalhi too?" He used the word "gaddaa" to describe a sort of sense of power emanating from or mixed with a sense of masculinity.

In order to appear normal, all this time I was avoiding looking directly at their genitalia but this was an opportunity for me to really check Mohamed's cock so I didn't hesitate to turn towards him and reply, "Aanh, fakkaey" to mean something like "Yes, ripe and full."

"Hifaalabala (Touch it)," Ahmed then prods me and I began to wonder whether these two were into these sorts of sexual games even before.

I took Mohamed's penis into my left hand and taking advantage of the fact that I was getting to hold it I applied a little pressure on it and his penis immediately responded and soon blood was filling the vessels, and the penis began to rise, rise, rise, rise, and the boagandu, which was slightly pinkish in colour, began to bloom.

Then I felt it throb.

I knew he was now fully sexually aroused and the cum was ready to discharge itself from his body.

So I began to make stroking motions, pretending that I wasn't over-eager to be helping another man jerk off.

Hence all the while I made small talk about his great penis' "shape" and "character" and suddenly, now no longer able to hold back the cum, he let his load go - and it whooshed right into the well!


Then we all burst out laughing.

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